Kitchen Refurbishment Trends in 2022

The basics of kitchen design haven't changed a great deal in decades. After all, the same elements are always needed—a cooker, a hob, a sink, space for appliances and food preparation spaces. However, Australian kitchens definitely go through trends, and what is fashionable one year isn't always so chic the next. What are the forward-thinking designers saying about kitchen renovations these days and which design elements should you be thinking about for yours if you want an on-trend look? Read on to find out.

Layered Black

Not that long ago, black was only to be found in Australian kitchens with granite worktops. Nowadays, it is used in all sorts of settings. Many kitchen renovations feature slightly different tones of black in layers these days. Black concrete, tiling and worktops can help to achieve a very dynamic look, especially if the rest of the room is bright and airy. The idea with layered black is to offer a strident appearance that doesn't feel enclosed.

Greater Sustainability

Many homeowners would like to live more sustainably with the world's resources and so wonder about the merits of a kitchen refurbishment project at all. However, there are plenty of sustainable choices when it comes to materials. Anything from recycled glass worktops to upcycled kitchen cabinets is available. What's more, they are increasingly fashionable—not just sustainable—choices. Speak to any designers involved in kitchen renovations today and they are likely to have a range of sustainable materials at their fingertips just ready to show you.

Rounded Edges

Hard lines may be very practical, especially if you have limited space in your kitchen, but they are not as on-trend as softer shapes and rounded-off edges. If you have an island unit as a part of your kitchen refurbishment plans, then consider how it would look with quarter-circle corners instead of right angles. Another trendy thing to do is to have a breakfast bar with a wave or a semi-circular end to it. This means you can fit more people around it and they'll be oriented towards one another rather than all facing in the same direction.

Veined Marble

Finally, marble is a cornerstone of many kitchen renovations, but there are many different types to consider installing. If you want to be in fashion in 2022 and beyond, then veined marble is the way to go. This beautiful stone not only looks good but it can bring disparate design elements together very well, too.

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