Simple Ways to Enhance a Bathroom When Remodelling

The options are virtually endless when it comes to remodelling a bathroom. You can choose from an abundance of showers, vanities, and other elements. Sometimes having so many choices can make the design process complicated. To help, here are some simple ways to enhance your space when renovating.

Underfloor Heating

Bathrooms can be cold with their tiled floors, and they're often used first thing in the morning when temperatures may be chilly. To escape this, you could install underfloor heating, for which the contractors would lay electrical coils across the entire floor under the tiles. Because this heating system is invisible, it's ideal for compact bathrooms. It won't take up space like a heater unit on the floor or wall does. Once the heating is switched on, you'll feel the warmth on your feet as you walk in. And this warmth will naturally gravitate upward around the entire room as well.


Bathrooms always have at least one mirror for practical reasons. But you can use these elements to improve the aesthetics of the space as well. To make the bathroom appear bigger, place a large mirror that covers a wall. Even though you know the reflection you see is an illusion, the mirror will nonetheless give the impression of extra space.

Mirrors are also a great way to add a decorative touch, as they come in diverse frames and shapes. You could install a round mirror with a wicker-style woven border or fit a rectangular mirror with a black matte frame. You can expand on a theme in the decor by repeating a shape. For example, if the shower has a tiled archway entry, you could fit an arched mirror on the wall.


Tiles come in so many colours, designs, shapes, and sizes that you'll have no problem creating an attractive bathroom when you're undergoing bathroom remodelling. If you want to evoke spaciousness, choose pale neutral colours that will reflect light around the room. Also, avoid strong contrasts, as they'll break up the sea of tiles.

With the right choices, you can add warmth to the decor. Beige and pink travertine will evoke an organic, earthy feeling. Ceramic tiles can also be manufactured to mimic natural stone and timber. They'll let you enjoy the appearance of wooden planks, but you can relax knowing the tiles can withstand the moisture of the bathroom and won't rot, expand, or contract as real timber does.

For more information about bathroom remodelling, contact a local contractor.

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The options are virtually endless when it comes to remodelling a bathroom. You can choose from an abundance of showers, vanities, and other elements.

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