When You Should Get Your Roof Insulation Checked Out And Replaced

Roof insulations a very important way to stop heat loss as Australia heads into the winter months, but only if the insulation itself is still in good condition. You may not realise this, but over time, insulation will decay, and this can happen at different rates depending on what type of insulation you have. Luckily, modern insulation is a lot better than anything that was manufactured in the past, so it is a great time to consider replacing the insulation in your roof with a newer, better alternative. Here are a few indicators that show your roof insulation is outdated and in need of replacement.

Uneven Room Temperatures

Roof insulation does not degrade evenly, so it is very normal to have some rooms feel quite well insulated and others feel very cold during winter. If you notice this stark difference in temperature, and it is not explained by heaters or open windows, then you might want to get your insulation checked out. Normally, it will be a couple of rooms that are different from the rest of the house and not just one, but this varies from house to house. Whenever you have an odd change in temperature, it is a good idea to get it checked.

Roof Restoration

If you have recently had your roof upgraded or changed due to age, then there is a good chance this process affected your insulation. Older roofs allow for more leakage, and water is not good for insulation. After every roof restoration, it is important to make sure that the underlying insulation is just as well-put-together as the new roof. The last thing you want is a new roof that makes your whole house feel like a refrigerator because it ruined all of the insulation during its construction.

Energy Bill

Have you noticed a major uptick in your heating bill during the start of winter? If you cannot explain the bill purely due to energy prices going up, but are actually seeing an increase in power usage, then this can be directly attributed to poor insulation. When insulation doesn't work well, you will start to use your heaters at a far higher rate, increasing your overall heating costs. This will be reflected in your bills and is often the first sign of anything wrong because issues with insulation are almost always hidden from sight. Don't let your bills slowly get bigger and bigger, call for an investigation from an approved roof insulation contractor. 

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