Two tips for those who have just bought their first set of Venetian blinds

If you have purchased your first set of Venetian blinds for your home, here are two pointers that will help you to take good care of them.

Invest in an inexpensive tool to make cleaning them easy

One of the great things about Venetian blinds is that you can clean them without having to take them down, as you would have to if you had roman or roller blinds that are made from fabric. Whilst it's possible to clean them by wiping each individual slat with a cloth or feather duster, you can do this job much faster if you invest in a very cheap cleaning tool. Many shops sell some version of a Venetian blind cleaning brush, which usually features a handle attached to some cloth or bristle-covered prongs. You can slide these prongs between multiple slats, drag the tool from one side of the blinds to the other and in doing so, remove dust from three or more slats with a single swipe.

This affordable tool will reduce the time it takes to dust the blinds, which will mean you won't keep putting off this chore, just because you don't have, for example, a spare 30 minutes to do it. If you decide to invest in more sets of Venetian blinds in the future, you might want to get one of these tools for every set and store each one on a hook or in a drawer near its designated blind set. This will encourage you to give each of your home's blinds a quick clean whenever you have a few free minutes, as you won't need to search your house for the tool you need.

Don't dispose of a full set of blinds if you accidentally break a couple of slats

When you tear a hole in a roller blind or a set of roman blinds, you normally have to get rid of the blinds, as even when the hole is sewn up, the damaged piece of fabric is still visible and unsightly. If you're accustomed to using these blinds, you might assume that, if or when you damage your Venetian blinds, they will meet the same fate. However, this is not actually true.

If you accidentally crack a few slats, you can replace them, instead of buying a whole new set of blinds. After ordering the required number of replacement slats, all you need to do is detach the blinds from the window, and gently pull each slat off the ropes to which they're connected until you have removed the broken ones. Then, replace them with the slats you've bought, before sliding on the other unbroken slats. Whilst this task can be a bit fiddly, it will cost you a lot less than buying a full new set.

To learn more about Venetian blinds, reach out to a local home and garden store.

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