3 Pro Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Couch for Your Living Room

Your couch is the focal point of your living room. When decorating the house, you have to think of it as the centrepiece, and then you can organise everything around it. When you choose the ideal couch, you are assured that your family will have a fantastic time relaxing after work. On the other hand, a poorly chosen sofa becomes an eyesore and brings down the entire house's interior décor.

Here are the three pro tips that you need to incorporate into your decision-making when choosing a sofa for your living room or den.

Ask About the Material Used to Make the Frame

The durability of your sofa depends on the material used to make the frame. The rest of the upholstery can be changed with time when it gets old or when you want to upgrade the sofa. If the frame is weak, however, there is little you can do about it.

Before buying a couch, ask about the type of wood they used to make the frame. Opt for hardwoods or engineered wood. Also, make sure the material used for the frame is treated against attacks by pests and mould. The dimensions of the frame also matter a lot because wider chairs will give you more sitting space and comfort when using the couch.

Check the Quality of the Fillings and Upholstery

The comfort of a couch depends on the quality of the fillers and the fabric of the upholstery. The most common cushion materials are foam, feathers, and polyester fibre. Foam is the oldest cushion material of the three. Its density is determined by the amount of air used in the curing process. Denser foam lasts longer. Feathers and polyester fibre are newer and more comfortable. They are a bit more costly, but they do not shrink with age, which makes them comfortable.

Match the Colour and Style to Your Décor

Couches come in as many colours as there are in the spectrum. When picking a colour, you have to think about your house's interior décor choices and choose something that matches. Your interior décor style will also determine the couch style that fits. For example, Chesterfield sofas are excellent when the general décor theme is vintage.

An essential tip to remember is to source your couch from trusted furniture designers. In case they don't have what you need in stock, you can ask them to design a custom-made model just for you. Contact a company that sells Aussie-made sofas to learn more.

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