What to Do With Succulents After an Online Delivery

While some plants don't cope well with being delivered by post or in a delivery van, succulents usually stand up to this process well. However, if you're about to put in an order, you need to be ready to sort out your plants when they arrive. What will you need to do?

Prepare a Home for the Plants

It's a good idea to plan out where your succulents will go when they arrive. If you've bought established plants, then you may have a border ready for them. If you've bought younger plants, then you may want to put them in small pots or planters until they grow to a transplantable size.

In either case, it's worth preparing the ground or getting pots ready for the plants. If you'll plant them out immediately, then prepare the ground so you can put them in quickly. If you'll pot them, make sure you have a suitable compost or potting mix ready.

If you want to use a fertiliser, then make sure you have one that is a good fit for succulents. Remember that younger plants may not need as much help here as bigger ones.

Give the Plants Some Post-Transit TLC

Succulents are hardy. Online stores prepare them well for a postal trip. However. when they arrive, they may look a little bedraggled and shrivelled up. This isn't a major cause for concern, but you should give the plants a little extra care and attention for the first few days to get them back in good shape.

As well as planting them out in their new homes as soon as you can, your succulents need rehydration and, ideally, a bit of sun. Typically, they aren't in soil or water when they travel so they will have dried out.

Once you've planted them, water them well. You don't need to drown them, just make sure that their soil or potting mix is wet. The plants will likely suck up all this water quickly.

So, keep an eye on them for the first day or so and water them again if their soil or mix goes completely dry. You'll be able to tell when they're in better shape as they'll plump up, straighten up and look healthier.

To find out more about how to care for new succulents, ask your online store for advice. They'll tell you how to bed your plants in and make them feel better after their trip.

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While some plants don't cope well with being delivered by post or in a delivery van, succulents usually stand up to this process well. However, if you