How to Talk a New Language With the Rose

You may not be the expressive type and may never have sent a bunch of flowers to anyone before, but you may be mellowing with age and have discovered how nice it can be to give this gift and see someone's joy in return. Nature can be particularly expressive, and while this beauty is all around, it's great to use it as a means of sending a particular message to somebody who you care about. However, as you've never done this type of thing before, you may not know where to start and may be particularly confused due to the proliferation of flowers in a typical boutique. You can make this a whole lot easier on yourself if you simply stick to one particular species, the rose, but how can you choose appropriately?

The Flexible Rose

Florists will tell you that you can send a very defined message by choosing not only the colour of the rose itself but also the number within the particular bunch. To begin with, you will need to carefully determine the "mood" of the recipient and the type of occasion.

Expressing Your Interest

You may have taken a fancy to somebody and want to send them a message to let them know, and in this case, you have to jump for the red rose. It's the ultimate symbol of love, and the traditional way to move forward here is to send a dozen of them to your love interest.

Time to Celebrate

If you want to celebrate somebody's birthday, then you can go for a rainbow assortment of roses, or to be more specific simply some yellow ones. They can make a fantastic centrepiece to put on the party table and are a great way for you to send your compliments.

Saying Thank You

If somebody has done something very special for you, then you can indicate your appreciation by sending them some dark pink roses. In truth, any flower would do as you say thank you, but this is the time-honoured way of doing it properly.


The occasion is not always a happy one, and sometimes you need to say get well to a loved one or friend. In this case, choose an upbeat, vibrant colour and mix them together to help lift the spirits of the invalid. On a really sad occasion, you may need to send your sympathy and should always choose very soft, pastel colours or white roses.

Still Confused?

There is a flower for almost every occasion, and it will be fun to explore the various options. If you're not sure what colour to choose, then you should talk with your rose delivery service for their sage advice.

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