What's One of the Most Important Qualities in a New Commercial Awning?

If you're planning to open a restaurant in a sunny climate, then you might really love to offer your patrons the opportunity to eat their meals outside. After all, Australia is the land of the great outdoors. With this in mind, you might be incorporating a large exterior patio into your design and will need to figure out how to order all the furniture and fittings. Of course, a very important part of your shopping list is going to be an awning so your guests can be sheltered from the direct sun at certain times of day, but you should be careful what you choose. In particular, you need to worry about its longevity and how a substandard version could impact your business. What do you need to bear in mind?

Relentless Sun

Whenever you choose an awning, you need to make sure that one of its major properties is fade resistance. Not every product is the same, but you will be making a good investment in your organisation if you choose wisely.

The sun is so harsh that it will bombard the surface of the awning seven days a week, especially in the summer season, and over time this can cause most fabrics to fade significantly.

Resistant to Damage

If you let this happen, it can potentially weaken the actual fabric itself as the colour deteriorates and one day, a significant gust of wind could tear it. This is not a great image, especially if people are sitting beneath it at the time.

Branding Picture

You will undoubtedly go to great lengths to ensure that the awning you install in the beginning matches your company's branding scheme perfectly. It needs to be the same colour as the logo on your menus, the colour of your employee shirts and so on. It won't create a very good impression for your business if it has faded so significantly that it doesn't match at all.

Unwanted Cost

Furthermore, if you need to replace the fabric because it has faded too much, then it will be a cost you can do without. With fade-resistant fabric, you can eliminate that type of headache from your budget projection.


A good awning will be part of the attraction of your restaurant and something that people can see from a distance. Make sure you choose the right one from the beginning when you talk with your suppliers so that it provides the right type of impression for you. To learn more about options such as Luxaflex awnings, contact a seller in your area.

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