3 Serious Signs of Gutter Damage To Watch For

The gutters on your house work to prevent water damage quite effectively -- but only if they're in good condition. While gutters usually last for many years if they're properly maintained, you still need to be aware of the signs of gutter problems. Here are the top three signs to watch out for. 

1. Rust in Any Spot on the Gutters

If you see rust in any area of the gutters -- even if it's just a small spot right now -- the chance of gutter problems in the near future is quite high. Where there is rust, there is also likely to be cracking and even crumbling in the future, which means the water won't be effectively moved away from your home. Rust also tends to spread fairly rapidly, so having the problem remedied sooner rather than later is best. If you get help with a rust problem when it's still small, you may be able to have a spot repair rather than a more costly gutter replacement.

2. Gutter Clogs

During windy and rainy conditions, your gutters will accumulate leaves, small branches, and other kinds of debris. While the gutter is meant to move the water and debris away from your home, sometimes clogs prevent this from happening. When clogs are persistent, it can eventually result in pools of water that cause damage to your home's foundation. While having the clogs cleaned out by a professional is important, it's also wise to look for a long-term resolution if you have persistent gutter clogs. Talk to your gutter repair contractor about gutter guards. Gutter guards can help prevent clogging and can help your gutters function better overall. 

3. Damage to Your Home's Exterior

If you notice signs of damage to the exterior of your home, it might be something more than just ordinary environmental damage. Signs of exterior damage to watch for include:

  • Peeling paint
  • Damage to siding
  • Mould on wood 
  • Rotted areas on wood
  • Rust on metal 

Exterior damage can mean that your home is being subjected to water from gutters that aren't working properly. Your gutters may need replacement if the exterior damage is severe, but it may also be a fairly simple problem that can be remedied with the installation of new gutter guards. 

If you're dealing with any of the three signs of gutter damage above, it's important that you get gutter repair help straight away. While it will cost you some money now, it's better to pay a reasonable amount now than to pay a billfold-breaking sum later! 

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