Choosing The Right Blinds For Your Kitchen

Kitchens are prone to high levels of moisture in the air and condensation build-up around the windows due to cooking and running hot water to clean dishes. They're also a hotspot for food splashes and oil stains, so soft, fabric blinds such as roman blinds and curtains generally aren't ideal if you want your kitchen window coverings to last. You need durable window coverings that will give you the level of privacy you want and allow natural light into your kitchen. Here's an overview of three types of blinds that work well in kitchens:

Moisture-Resistant Roller Blinds

Roller blinds made with polyester are a good option for busy kitchens or kitchens with windows looking onto busy streets. These moisture-resistant blinds can be wiped clean and stand up well against splashes and children's sticky hands. The lightweight material lets light in while giving you complete privacy, and the clean lines and flat fabric panel design of roller blinds complement contemporary kitchen spaces. You can choose block-coloured blinds or a pattern that works well with your existing décor, so there's lots of scope to customise the appearance of your kitchen windows.   

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Aluminium venetian blinds are tough and can be wiped clean without fear of them rusting. This makes them ideal if you work with flour often and your kitchen gets dusty. A damp cloth will have them looking like new in just a few minutes. Additionally, you can adjust the level of light you want to let in, and they offer complete privacy when you close them.

PVC Shutter Blinds

PVC shutter blinds are water-resistant and easy to clean. Although they are more expensive than roller or venetian blinds, they can be a good investment for those who want to add value to their kitchen, and they work well in kitchens with a classic design. The slats can be angled to allow light into your kitchen without allowing anyone to see in from the outside, so they're ideal if privacy is a priority. However, they don't open fully, so you won't be able to allow natural light to flood the kitchen in the way you can when you pull up a roller or venetian blind.

These three types of blinds will last in even the busiest of kitchens, but each option fulfils slightly different needs. So, consider how you use your kitchen and what your blinds will be exposed to when making your selection. 

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