How to Choose a Walk-Behind Lawnmower for Your Property

If you have a smaller property and don't mind getting some exercise when it's time to cut the grass, you need to carefully consider your options for a walk-behind mower. These mowers are usually more lightweight and less durable than riding mowers, so you want to ensure you get one that can easily cut your lawn without suffering unnecessary breakdowns and which you can physically manage. Note a few tips to consider when you're in the market for a walk-behind mower.

Engine design for larger, hilly lawns

Consider the engine design if you have a lawn with any types of hills or valleys. You'll want an engine with overhead cams and overhead valves. This makes an engine more powerful and more durable, so it can more readily resist the drag and strain of being run up and down hills. Your lawnmower is less likely to sputter and stall with overhead parts than those mounted to the side, as is typical with smaller and more lightweight engines, when you mow uneven terrains.

Chute and discharge

Note how the grass is discharged when you purchase a lawnmower for a smaller property. A bagless variety that doesn't mulch the grass clippings will discharge them out a side chute. As many property owners know, this can mean wet clippings that cling to the side of a garage, fence, deck, or the home itself. For smaller lawns where the mower may need to get closer to such obstacles, opt for a bagged model or one that mulches the grass clippings and deposits them back onto the lawn itself, so you don't wind up with this mess every time you mow.


As with a car, front-wheel drive mowers will offer more pulling power, a good choice for properties with thick grass and hills. Rear-wheel drive models may be cheaper but will mean more physical exertion needed to actually push the mower along; consider the weight of the mower, your own physical abilities, and the terrain of your lawn before opting for a rear-wheel drive model.

Electric versus gas

Gas-powered mowers are stronger and offer more power for thick lawns and for better control up and down hills. However, an electric mower means no emissions, which you might need to consider for a smaller lawn, as those emissions may then tend to collect around the home and patio area. You also need to consider the upkeep of a gas engine; you'll need to change the oil and filter regularly, just as you need to do with any gas engine.

To start scoping out your options, visit a professional supplier, such as Cox Mowers.

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