A Few Tips for Choosing Shutters for Your Home

Shutters are a great choice for any home, and especially for smaller spaces and for windows where curtains may get in the way of foot traffic or furniture. Shutters are compact and can be custom made, so you can opt for the size of slats and colour of paint that fits a room perfectly. With shutters, you can also twist open some slats or fold open the panel completely, letting just a small bit of light and air into the room, or allowing the window to be completely unobstructed.

When you are ready to shop for shutters, note a few tips to keep in mind so you know you choose the right ones for your home:

Fixed versus folding

You may assume that all shutters have hinges so that you can open their panels completely, but fixed shutters can be a good choice for windows that you don't ever open, or for rooms where you know you won't want a lot of sunlight. For example, you might opt for fixed shutters for a stationary bathroom window over a tub, where window treatments may get in the way and where you won't need to open the shutter panel itself. Fixed shutters can sometimes be cheaper since they don't need hinges, so opt for these in rooms where you know they'll never be opened.


Wood shutters will absorb moisture and then expand and crack, or cup and become warped. This material should then never be used for kitchens,  bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Real wood shutters are also typically the most expensive option, so choose a wood-look vinyl for as many rooms as possible.

However, note that you can paint and stain wood shutters more easily than repainting vinyl shutters. Invest in real wood for rooms where you may eventually want to change the look of the window treatments, such as the living room or bedroom.

Size of slats

You may assume that a larger slat is best for a large window, and smaller slats should be used on small windows. However, those small slats against a small window may look busy and cluttered. Small slats against a large window or patio door can break up the look of a long wall or oversized window.

Larger slats may help to draw attention away from a small window and make it seem bigger. If you're unsure the best size of slats for any window or door, opt for something in a medium height, so it doesn't look out of proportion to the size of the window or door.

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