Words of Caution When Making Cosmetic Changes to Your Home's Bathroom

When you want to improve the look and style of a bathroom in your home, you may not need to go through a complete renovation of the space; a few cosmetic changes can be cheaper and faster than a full remodel, while still creating a bath you love. Many simple cosmetic changes can also be made on your own, without the services of a contractor, which also adds to your cost savings, and which can mean getting the job done faster! When you are ready to make some cosmetic changes to a bathroom, however, note a few words of caution before you begin, so you know the job will get done right and you'll be happy with the space for years to come.

Don't go too ornate

An oversized faucet with lots of detail, a gold sink, a claw foot tub and a large light fixture with lots of detail may all look great in a catalogue, but consider the size of your bathroom and the overall style of your home. Too many ornate details may not bring in the look you expect but may instead make the space seem crowded and cramped, and those details may wind up competing with each other instead of enhancing the space. Choose one accessory or item you want to stand out, and keep other pieces more neutral so that everything looks its best when they're all installed in the bathroom together.

Use glossy paint

Using flat paint in a bathroom is often recommended because it's usually easier to clean than flat paints, so you can more readily remove fingerprints and any dirt that clings to the wall with the steam and humidity of the shower. Opting for flat paint will allow for easier cleanup and a better appearance.

Making it too dark

Earth tones are a favourite for many homes, as they're neutral and warm and stay in style for many years. However, too many earth tones, especially in dark browns and greens, can soon seem muddy and cave-like. Balance the look of those earth tones by adding in sandy brown or lighter shades of cream against green shades. Use a glass shower screen to keep the space open, rather than adding a dark shower curtain against dark tiles and floorboards. If the finished product still seems too dark and claustrophobic, try a bathroom rug in a light shade and a coat of off-white paint where you can to add some brightness back to the space.

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