A Few Tips for Choosing the Best External Blinds for Your Home

External blinds can be what you need to protect your home's windows from potential storm damage; blinds also help to keep windows cleaner during stormy seasons, or if your home is exposed to lots of dust from nearby highways, production facilities, and the like. External blinds can also be attached to the framework of pergolas or any outdoor structure, to provide shade and some sound insulation, as well as privacy, when you're enjoying an outdoor space. When you're ready to choose outdoor blinds for your home, note a few tips that can help you make the right decision.

Fabric versus vinyl

Vinyl blinds are easier to clean than fabric; you can often just hose down vinyl blinds with a pressure washer, whereas fabric blinds may need some specialized cleaning products and tools.  Vinyl may also tend to stay cleaner over the years, as it's more resistant to pollution, watermarks, mud, and the like. For homes in areas with strong storms, or where the home is exposed to lots of air pollution, vinyl can be the better and more durable option.

However, if you want to add some softness to the space, such as when you're adding blinds around a patio framework, fabric may be more welcoming and cosy. Fabric may also work better to insulate the area from noise, making it more comfortable for relaxing.

Operating system

Note the various ways that external blinds can be opened. Some work with a cord and pulley system, just like internal blinds. This can be simple and affordable, but the cords need to be kept out of the reach of pets and wildlife, so they don't pull on the blinds and literally tear them out of their frame. A motorized system is more expensive, but it usually works with a remote control, making this system more convenient. A motorized system is also likely to last longer, as cords can easily break from having to support the weight of the blinds.


When choosing blinds, you'll need to choose how they're installed; if they run on a vertical track, this can keep them more secure and allow you to lock them at the bottom, offering your home added security from potential intruders. Tracks can also protect blinds installed on a patio framework, so that they don't flap around in the wind and potentially get pulled off their top connectors. It may be more expensive to opt for these tracks, but they can keep your home and your blinds secure.

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