How to Conduct a Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is one of the most important yet abandoned elements of your home. A well-built kitchen can improve your family life and make your property appealing. If you want to renovate your kitchen, read the guide below for some tips on planning and executing a kitchen renovation

Consider Functionality

The renovation project should convert the kitchen into a functional space within your home. Below are a few ways you can achieve this: 

  • Consider a lounge or bar where your family members can sit and interact. It makes cooking more interactive and allows you to teach your kids some basic cooking skills.
  • Think about the kitchen spacing. While a spacious kitchen is good, you should not have to walk for miles from the kitchen sink to the refrigerator or the oven.
  • Plan for sufficient storage space. Consider inconspicuous storage spaces that do not make your kitchen cramped. For instance, you could have storage counters below the kitchen counters.
  • Lower the shelves and cooking area if your house has a disabled family member to ensure they can make a meal without any assistance. If your family enjoys barbeques, integrate the kitchen with a deck. 

Choose Appliances

The size of the kitchen and your needs will determine the type of appliances that you should purchase. Ideally, the appliances should not take too much of the kitchen space. For instance, take a situation where you bought a large refrigerator to fit in a small kitchen. The appliances must be energy efficient. Consider multi-functional appliances to cut on space. For example, you could purchase a cooker with an oven as opposed to two different appliances. 

Match the Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen floor should easily blend with other elements in the room. Ideally, avoid wooden floors since the humid conditions in the kitchen could cause the wood to warp. Low maintenance floors such as vinyl and laminate are ideal for your kitchen. Other than being affordable, these floors come in hundreds of designs and colours.  

Consider Professional Renovations

Although some homeowners would opt for a DIY renovation, it is always wise to engage the services of an experienced professional. The primary benefit of engaging a professional is that they will assess your needs and advise on a suitable floor plan. Besides, they inform you about the current trends in regard to kitchens. The professional can also help you address unforeseen problems such as faulty plumbing and electricals, mould or incompatible cabinets. 

When renovating your kitchen, consider functionality, choose appropriate appliances and consider professional renovations. 

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