Reasons to Choose the Open-Plan Design for Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen has been the heart and soul of a home since time immemorial. Families get physical and emotional nourishment from the kitchen. From arguments and debates to conversations and hugs, the kitchen sees it all. Therefore, the organisation of a kitchen says a lot about your family. While there are different plans to choose from, you cannot go wrong with an open-plan kitchen design. This article highlights the reasons why open-plan kitchens are trending. Read on. 

Solution for Cramped Kitchens — Not everyone can afford a new home with a kitchen the size of a living room. However, you can easily transform a cramped kitchen into a spacious one by adopting an open plan. This is achieved by knocking down the enclosing walls during renovations to free up space. Open-plan kitchens do not require over-the-top improvements since small wall adjustments go a long way in making the space feel much bigger. Furthermore, eliminating walls allows more light into the kitchen through the windows. Consequently, it eliminates the darkness that is characteristic of cramped spaces. 

Brings People Together — Another reason to consider the open-plan kitchen design in your renovation is that it brings people together. As mentioned earlier, the kitchen has traditionally been considered the heart of the home. However, walls act as a barrier between occupants in the different rooms. Therefore, eliminating this barrier creates enough space for family members to enjoy preparing food, playing games, and engaging in conversations regardless of where they are in the house. For instance, children can play in the living room and engage with parents while they prepare food in the kitchen. And guests are not secluded in the living room since the open kitchen design creates the illusion of unitary space. An open-plan kitchen equals a close-knit home because it makes the house feel welcoming. 

Ease of Cleaning — The presence of many rooms in a home make cleaning tedious. You have to drag the vacuum into every room and keep plugging and unplugging it as you move from one room to the other, including the kitchen. Moving from an enclosed kitchen to an open-plan design makes cleaning convenient. There is a smooth transition from the kitchen to the living room or dining area. It is even easier if you have a vacuum cleaner with a long cord because you do not have to unplug the machine once you are done with one area.

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