The environmental benefits of a steel security door

Steel security doors are an essential way of keeping intruders out of your home or business. But as well as offering you safety and peace of mind, there are also many environmental benefits to such a door. Here are some reasons why a security door can lower your carbon footprint.

Better insulation

Doors and windows are responsible for much of the heat loss from your home, largely through gaps around the door. This is partly because the door doesn't fit tightly in the first place, and partly because it has warped slightly while the home has settled, leading to draughts and space around the door. The materials that doors are made of are also often to blame, as they generally do not have insulating properties.

A steel security door avoids this problem. Firstly, as it can be made to measure, it will fit the frame exactly. The installers will not leave a gap where a crowbar or other implement can be inserted, and so they will also avoid anywhere that heat can escape. Secondly, steel is a good insulator and will help to keep your home at a constant temperature. Insulation keeps your home warm in winter and cool in summer, and so a steel security door will lower your heating and air conditioning bills and, therefore, your carbon footprint.


If you live in an urban environment you will probably be all too familiar with noise pollution - street sounds and the din from cars, planes and other vehicles, as well as building work or nearby factories. The insulating properties of a steel security door will work on sound as well as heat, meaning you can live much more peacefully in your home.


You should also remember the environmental costs of maintaining and repairing a door, as well as disposing of it at the end of its life. Steel requires very little in the way of maintenance, and it is a very easy material to recycle when it is no longer needed. This helps further reduce its environmental impact and is another reason why a steel security door is a sustainable choice for your home.

Your main reason for choosing a security door is likely to be the obvious one - to keep intruders out of your family home. But a steel security door can also be an environmentally friendly choice - and it can save you money.

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