Three Steps To Prolonging Your New Awning's Life During Summer Storms

There are two things about living in Queensland that you can count on during summer: it's going to get hot, and there will be a few violent summer storms. As someone who is having awnings installed so you can enjoy more outdoor living during the summer heatwave, it is important you know how to care for your awning when storms are in the area. By knowing these three tips, you can be sure your awnings will last the lifespan advertised by the manufacturer.

Remove During High Winds

The main reason for installing an awning is sun protection. Awnings are not meant to be left out constantly during high winds. Ask the manufacturer or installer what wind rating your awning is designed to withstand, and use this measurement as a rule of thumb for whether you should remove it during forecast bad weather. Also, be sure to get instructions on how to remove the awning so you are not left standing like a deer caught in headlights when high winds are on their way. Some awnings simply unclip, whereas others need to be unbolted from the pole. Check the awning often, as damage needs to be repaired early to prevent it from spreading.

Repair Damaged Awnings

If you discover your awning has been damaged during a storm because you were unable to remove it in time, your first contact should be the manufacturer. The awning will likely have a warranty on it, and the conditions of this warranty will vary depending on the manufacturer. Arrange for them to inspect the damage to the awning to see if it is covered by the warranty. If it is not, then ask the manufacturer to recommend a local awning repairer that you can take the awning to. The repair bill for the damage will be smaller if you get it repaired sooner rather than later.

As well as checking the awning for damage, you should also regularly inspect the support poles.

Regularly Check Support Poles

Support poles are made out of metal, and they should last a very long time. However, if the support pole gets damaged or bent, then the weakness in the steel now leaves it open to rust and corrosion. Checking the support poles every three months or so means that rust will be spotted early. Rust can be treated and stopped from spreading if it is found early enough.

When your new awnings are installed, talk further to your awning contractor about other ways you can keep your awnings in top condition during summer storm season.

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There are two things about living in Queensland that you can count on during summer: it's going to get hot, and there will be a few violent summer sto