Using These 3 Senses Will Help You Recognise Pool Cleaning Issues

Winter is a strange time in Queensland, Australia. On the one hand the sun shines brightly, and sometimes the temperatures rise into the mid-20s, but on the other hand, there is a chill in the air which is offputting if you're keen for a swim. As a first-time pool owner, you haven't experienced looking after a pool during winter before. It is important you recognise potential issues before they become expensive repairs. One way to determine whether your pool has a cleaning issue is to use three of your five senses to sniff, smell and see problems.

1. The Eyes Have It

Starting with the easiest sense, the eyes will instantly tell you that your pool cleaning regime is not keeping up with winter's conditions. The most obvious visual sign of an unclean pool is when the water turns green. Normally, green water is caused by the heat of summer allowing algae to grow quickly. You can literally wake up and find your pool invaded overnight. However, in the winter, the growth of algae is caused by not continuing your normal regime of pool chemicals. Get your pool cleaner to clean the algae off the pool walls, and then treat the water with chlorine to prevent the algae from returning.

Your sense of smell is the next sense which will alert you to an unclean pool.

2. What's That Smell?

Smelly pool water smells like a stagnant swamp, and it can be caused by several different problems:

  1. The winter cover has slipped off and allowed frogs, cane toads or mosquitos to take up residence in the water.
  2. A lacking of cleaning has caused algae growth which emits an odour.
  3. The pool pump has been switched off, and the lack of water movement has led to algae growth in the water.

A smelly pool is unappealing, and the pool will need to be scrubbed clean before being used again. Additionally, the water will need treatment with chlorine to bring it back to swimming quality. Finally, sound also plays a role in the cleanliness of your pool.

3. Sound of Silence

During the winter, both your pool pump and your pool creeper cleaner should be working regularly to keep the water free of debris and algae growth. If you go outside to your pool and you cannot hear these items running, then that sound of silence equals dirty water. First off, check the power source to make sure it is not the cause of the non-operating equipment. If the power source is still active, then you'll need to call on your pool maintenance company to further investigate why the equipment is not working.

Sight, smell, and sound. Remember the three "S" senses when you investigate an unclean pool this winter. For more information, contact your local pool cleaners.

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