Tips for organising your bedroom storage

Hunting through clutter for the item you're looking for can be stressful and time-consuming, but you don't have to put up with it. Follow these simple tips for organising your bedroom storage and you'll save both space and time. 

Cycle your wardrobe

Different seasons call for different outfits; heavy coats and scarves don't come out much during summer, while beach outfits can safely be stored away during the winter. Outfits that aren't in season can go in secondary storage such as trunks or under-bed storage boxes. Because you don't need to retrieve these outfits often, they can easily go in storage that isn't as accessible as a wardrobe or chest of drawers. 

Think about visibility

The crowded visual environment of a wardrobe or closet can make it hard to find the clothes or items you need. When organising your closet, take the eyeline into consideration. The items you use most should go roughly at eye level, with less frequently used items on lower levels. Reserve the highest shelves and cabinets for things you use only rarely; these are the areas you are least likely to look in first. 

Use shelf dividers 

Whether in a closet or wardrobe or mounted on a wall, shelves can get crowded and cluttered quickly. One easy way to deal with this problem is to divide up your shelf space. You could use small open-topped storage boxes or baskets; alternatively, you can buy upright shelf dividers that effectively separate each shelf into a series of compartments. This helps prevents sprawl and makes it easier to find the items you need when looking on your shelves. 

Lighten it up 

Closed storage like wardrobes or closets can sometimes be hard to search because they're so dimly lit. Poor lighting can also make it hard to judge if an item of clothing goes well with another. Installing lights in these areas is a small change that can make a big difference. Some wardrobes have integral lighting, while others can benefit from the addition of a small, battery-powered push light. 

Be creative

Irregular items that don't obviously fit anywhere can pose a storage challenge, but some lateral thinking can help. Store a rolled-up yoga mat in an umbrella stand, or hang remote controls from hooks mounted on the side of a bed or nightstand. When creating a storage solution, you don't have to use a thing for its intended purpose as long as it works. 

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